Hollis Football Players List 2022

2022 Hollis Football Players List

The Hollis High School football players list includes names, numbers, and positions of the 2022 Hollis Tigers

2022 Hollis Football Players

1Braxton Whisenant (Sr.)Hollis TigersLinebacker
2Brody Shelby (Sr.)Hollis TigersLinebacker, Quarterback
3Carlos Garcia (Jr.)Hollis TigersNose Gaurd, Offensive Line
4Chris Disque (Jr.)Hollis TigersNose Gaurd, Offensive Line
5Chris SaldanaHollis Tigers
6Conner Bennett (Sr.)Hollis TigersAthlete, Center
7Ezra Jacobson (So.)Hollis TigersAthlete, Linebacker
8Isis LunaHollis Tigers
9JT Salazar (Sr.)Hollis TigersOffensive Line, Outside linebacker
10Jayden Cantu (Sr.)Hollis TigersCenter, Tight end
11Jayvi VasquezHollis Tigers
12Joel Bernal (Sr.)Hollis TigersAthlete, Center
13Joseph Vasquez (Sr.)Hollis TigersNose Gaurd, Offensive Line
14Josh Theadman (Jr.)Hollis TigersLinebacker, Tight end
15Kaden Mills (Fr.)Hollis TigersOffensive Line, Outside linebacker
16Kaden Rollins (Sr.)Hollis TigersOffensive Line, Outside linebacker
17Kreid McQueenHollis Tigers
18Lincon Bronn (Fr.)Hollis TigersAthlete, Center, Quarterback
19Lucas Lawson (So.)Hollis TigersNose Gaurd, Offensive Line
20Parker SykoraHollis Tigers
21Rey CruzHollis Tigers
22Ricky LaraHollis Tigers
23Rowdy Randall (Sr.)Hollis TigersCenter, Tight end
24Tim VasquezHollis Tigers
25Titus Billy (Sr.)Hollis TigersNose Gaurd, Offensive Line
26Tyshawn Hays (So.)Hollis TigersNose Gaurd, Offensive Line
27Wyatt WarrenHollis Tigers
28Xavier CervantesHollis Tigers
29Zach Mefford (Sr.)Hollis TigersAthlete, Outside linebacker

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